Extinct- Lancefield Megafauna Festival

By Country News on November 10, 2016
  • Extinct- Lancefield Megafauna Festival

Inspired by an astonishing accumulation of thousands of mega-fauna fossils in the clay of Lancefield Swamp, the Extinct- Lancefield Megafauna Festival truly explores the distinctive pre-history, history and environment of this region of Victoria.

The programme includes:

- Tours of Mt William Green Stone Axe Quarry, a National Heritage Place of special significance for the Wurundjeri people by a Wurundjeri elder – a rare opportunity!

- Entertainment for the whole family on the centre plantation of Lancefield’s Main Street, with a giant fossil puzzle, a feature show by Professor Doug A. Bone, and roving entertainment by Professor Boney Saurus and Festive Factory’s “mega” Butterflies

- Public talk by passionate environmental scientist Tim Flannery about extinction and changes in the Victorian landscape

- Musical programme with Daddy P and the Hot Saxes and a performance by local primary schools

- Lancefield’s historic buildings and church open to the public as part of the festival programme

- Further talks by experts on the real Australian ‘paleo-diet’ and the bushfire history of Australia.

Another opportunity to explore the amazing pre-history of the district will be by visiting a paleontological ‘dig’ in Lancefield Park where excavations have revealed giant ‘wombats’ (Diprotodon), over-sized kangaroos and many other species of megafauna roamed until around 50,000 years ago.

Mt William tours run all day on Friday 25 November, and on Saturday morning the festival will coincide with the popular Lancefield Farmers Market.

Tickets required for Tim Flannery talk and Mt William tours. All other events free or by gold coin donation.

By Country News on November 10, 2016

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